We are looking forward to welcoming you from all over the world to participate in the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO2022), at Nankai University, in Tianjin in 2022. In Northern China, Tianjin, ‘the emperor’s docks’, is a key junction of transportation and communication for China and its connection with the world.

As the Vice-Chancellor of Nankai University, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce Nankai University, the IChO2022 host. Founded in 1919, Nankai University has played a vital role in Chinese education over the last 100 years. Today, Nankai has grown to three modern university campuses, with a full range of educational institutions. Nankai University is a leading multidisciplinary, research-oriented state university, consisting of 26 colleges, covering areas from the natural sciences to the humanities, at all levels. As a member of the Global University Leaders Forum, Nankai University strives continuously to deepen its internationalization and globalization, both in education and research. Not only does Nankai offer opportunities for students to study abroad, but it also provides a growing number of well-supported international studentships and scholar bursary programs each year. These broaden our academic horizons and contribute to building a worldwide academic community and a shared future for humankind.

As a chemist, I have found that Chemistry starts from simple concepts and extends to understand the complexities of the world. Here at Nankai, one is always encouraged to develop social responsibility, practical capabilities, and a creative spirit. This spirit is also shared with the IChO, so we are genuinely looking forward to welcoming the young Olympians to Nankai University, bringing sparks of inspiration, ideas and scientific talent, and starting friendships. Right now, we are working as hard as possible to ensure you will have a safe and special IChO in China. We sincerely hope that the pandemic will be over and the world will go back to normal quickly. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Tianjin, in 2022! 

Executive Chairman of IChO2022, President of Organizing committee for IChO2022, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. CHEN Jun