The initial planning meeting of the 54th IChO Scientific Committee has been held in Tianjin


The initial planning meeting of the 54th IChO Scientific Committee has been held in Tianjin on 27th and 28th January 2022. More than 30 experts and scholars from 11 universities gathered together. Professor Duan Lianyun from Peking University, chief director of the Competition Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, Professor Zheng Suping, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Chemical Society, and Professor Zhu Shoufei, Dean of the College of Chemistry, Nankai University attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Professor Zheng Suping said that although the epidemic situation has brought unprecedented challenges to the preparation work of the competition, she believed that all experts of the Scientific Committee will scientifically divide labor and cooperate with each other to jointly contribute to the success of the competition and provide a wonderful event with Chinese characteristics to the world. 

Professor Zhu Shoufei thanks the attending experts, and reported the progress of the College of Chemistry, of Nankai University’s preparations for the 54th IChO. He emphasized the structure, budget, venues, website construction achievements of the Olympiad and promised that the College of Chemistry will provide support for the scientific committee for each task.

The problems of the Olympiad are different from those in textbooks and examinations. Professors of Peking University, Duan Lianyun and Wang Yingxia respectively introduced the requirements of the proposition and the proposition situation of the IChO over the years. Professor Guo Dongsheng, as executive director of the scientific committee, made a summary speech about the task of this session.

The scientific committee conducted group discussions on the topics of inorganic, organic, physical-chemical structure, analysis, and experiments. All the teachers actively participated and provided valuable suggestions.

The International Chemistry Olympiad is the largest and most influential chemistry competition for high school students in the world. About 800 competitors and teachers from more than 80 countries and regions participate in this competition every year. Entrusted by the Ministry of Education, China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Chemical Society, Nankai University, representing China, won the right to host the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad in 2022 at the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad held in Paris, France in 2019. The scientific committee is responsible for the preparation of pre-competition practice problems, competition questions and examination scoring.